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Profile – in brief

Sanjana Chappalli is an award-winning marketer. In a career spanning 19 years, she has crafted marketing strategies and content that have delivered results for GSK, P&G, Porsche, Spotify, Lenovo, IBM among others. Geographically, her marketing campaigns have been implemented across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Her LinkedIn profile has more details. 

Sanjana speaks five languages fluently and is currently mastering Italian – her sixth. She can tell stories in two languages.


Effie Award for excellence in marketing effectiveness
International Press Institute award for writing & excellence in journalism
Spikes Asia - 2 time winner
The Webby Awards - 2 time winner

A fuller profile

Going to marketing school to get the foundations right is the best thing marketers can do. It is never too late.

“How do I find and recruit people I connect with?” When Mark asked me that question, I laughed so hard, I spilled my flat white.

This wasn’t a question I was expecting from the managing partner at one of The Big Three consulting firms. He had a global team of recruiters supporting him and the MBB always attracted people with impressive resumes from top MBA schools. What was the rub then? Mark wanted people to connect with him and apply to be on his team – not just at the firm. Months later, besides recruitment, we had met many other goals.

‘Work-with-Mark’ isn’t the only story that I can tell. I’ve stood on chairs and covered entire walls – from ceiling to floor – with campaign strategy notes to launch the Porsche Macan in Asia Pacific. And then crafted stories that moved the needle for them. During my years with network and independent agencies, I’ve crafted content and strategies that have delivered results for GSK, P&G, Porsche, Spotify, Lenovo, IBM. Geographically, I’ve worked across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

Driving sales, generating leads, building thought leadership, increasing brand awareness, raising capital, driving recruitment – are important goals.

At the core of building marketing campaigns to achieve these goals are stories that make it possible for us to connect with the right people.