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“You won’t understand what I am talking about.” I froze. He delivered that line carelessly and without a pause, changed the subject to talk about the weather. At least, I think it was the weather. I don’t remember any more. I remember his line though. That conversation was more than five years ago. We were talking about dark pools when I was told that I wouldn’t understand the stock markets and the world of finance. 

Most people who know me would object to the arrogance and perhaps the sexism typified in that careless remark. But they wouldn’t necessarily disagree that financial trading concepts were not a part of my world. I’ve never worked as a banker or in a financial institution. I’ve never studied for an MBA or taken a course in finance. I majored in psychology, communication science and English Literature in my undergrad. I studied socio-legal implications of migration for my Masters degree. There was no space in my world for trading concepts like dark pools. 


In reality though, I’ve been reading, talking, listening, taking notes – in short, studying – trading concepts, financial terms and the world of finance for years now. I want to move to writing about the world of finance. I hope to write with the right terms but without the jargons. There is a (practiced) carelessness that stamps conversations between someone who belongs to the financial industry and someone who doesn’t. It is a carelessness that excludes, diminishes and ultimately, infuriates. 

I care about this deeply. Our lives are affected by the economy. If we don’t understand what they are talking about, we are giving up control and a lot more. 

Also, once we get started, finance is interesting – because our lives are interesting. 

Join me? 

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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