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I have always had a fractious relationship with math (ask me why). Max Cooper took an hour from me this morning and showed me how math can be beautiful and engaging too.

Cooper’s “mission as a musician, a DJ and an interdisciplinary artist is all about provoking a greater understanding.” Going down the rabbit hole allowed me to discover Max Cooper, his Yearning for the Infinite project and his collaborations with Martin Krzywinski and Nick Cobby.

There are far too many things that are beautiful about this video. It pulled me in also because of the underlying math.

This video is a scientific visualization of Pi. It encodes the first 20,244 digits of Pi = 3.1415…7012. There is a method to the horizontal and vertical lines that form the transcendental tree map. Here is a deeper explanation about how the video was created.

There are prints available for sale too – if you are looking for them.

Six months from now, when I am looking for inspiration, I will find this again. Hat-tip to an old friend for sending this my way.

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