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Covid-19 has brought our communication skills into focus.

The first wave of inane emails with “these unprecedented, uncertain” times is over. Brands have told us that they are there for us. 

As the second flood of inane communications hits us, here’s a list of phrases that you would do best to avoid. 

  • The new normal
  • Life will never be the same
  • Back on our feet
  • We are in this together
  • It is a long haul
  • In these trying/strange times
  • We need to be strong
  • All our sacrifices will be for nothing, if we don’t/can’t/haven’t
  • We need to perserve
  • How will you remember this time?
  • It is a war out there
  • Coming out of this stronger than ever
  • Survive and win
  • When all of this is over

I’m a marketer myself. And I ghostwrite for a select group of executives. 

I’m part of the tribe that is most likely responsible for cliches like these.

No harm laughing and reminding myself that cliches don’t connect. 

This list was sourced from my fantastic audience on LinkedIn.

If there are other phrases and cliches that you are seeing in the Covid-19 communications, get in touch! It will help us all.

Want this in PDF form? Grab it here.

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