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Noo! I lost my bet.

Here was another person asking me THAT question.

Within a few minutes of introducing myself, I get asked this. From small business owners to people at large organizations. “We need a new website. Can you help us?”

The answer is simple. I can.

But I don’t tell them that.

I can because I’ve done it before. I’m nerdy enough to spend time in WordPress community forums helping newbies.

I don’t tell them that though because I’ve questions to ask first. “Why do you think you need a new website?” It goes on.

And ends with this. “You don’t want to spend dollars & get just a pretty website, do you? Neither would I.”

The thing is, a website is NOT an online brochure. It captures what you do and it has to do a lot more. It has to help you bring in the dollars.

Or meet whatever your business objective is. That’s right, a website has to bring in the dollars. It has for so many of my clients.

Designing a website at the end of a marketing strategy exercise will help you meet that objective.

Do you think websites SHOULD deliver concrete results? Almost everyone on my LinkedIn community said that it should.

Want to do it yourself? Here’s my 3 step marketing strategy 101 guide if you want to make sure your website delivers results:

Want me to help you? Get in touch – it usually starts with a no obligation half hour chat.

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